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Something happened to me when I was younger. What can I do?

People are talking more about child sexual abuse now than ever before. The Royal Commission helped a lot of people share their stories and start a healing process. In Tasmania, the Commission of Inquiry has shone a light on further examples where children should have been protected but were let down by adults.

It’s important to know that it’s never too late to reach out for support. There are people who will listen, take you seriously and help you find what you need.

Bravehearts is an Australian organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. The Bravehearts website is a good place to start looking for information that may help.

The contacts below are provided in case you want to talk to someone.

Remember, child sexual abuse is never OK and it is never the child’s fault, no matter how long ago it happened.

Mental health and wellbeing support for people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

Tasmanian-based organisation providing support and information to survivors of sexual abuse.

Support for anyone who has experienced or been impacted by sexual assault.

North and North-West Tasmanian-based sexual abuse and sexual assault support service.

24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention.

Free legal advice for survivors of child sexual abuse

When and if you are ready, you can report what happened to the police or anonymously to Crime Stoppers

National crisis support line for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping.